Looking for an introduction into the topics vitality and personal development? The Recharge Company offers a broad selection of workshops within this area.

The workshops by The Recharge Company are 1,5 hours interactive sessions in which the participant receives specific tools to work with on their own. The combination of (accessible) scientific background and interaction results in insights and skills that the participant can put into practice immediately after the session.

We also offer Masterclasses where we go deeper and more extensively into the topics, contact us for more information.

A complete overview of available workshops can be found below:

Mastering Change

Our world has changed. Whether you are ready for the ‘new normal’ or still cautiously tackling it, we cannot deny that our world has changed and is changing at a killer pace. This workshop will give you insight into what is going on in our brains in times of change and what you can do to make the most of it.

Takeaway: You will learn what happens in your brain when change occurs and how you can use that to your advantage.

Physical Recharge

How we take care of our bodies forms the basis of how we go through the day. The same day can be difficult and tough if you have slept poorly. In addition, nutrition and sports have a big impact on how you go through the day. In this workshop, you will learn more about the effects of your physical condition on your mental capabilities, productivity and how it affects your decisions.

Takeaway: You will learn how your physical condition impacts various aspects of your life.

Masterclass: Resilience – Lessons from Formula 1

In a world dominated by change, resilience is the key to wellbeing and performance. But how do you build resilience? And what does it look like in terms of behavior? Formula 1 is a treasure trove of insights about resilience, not only because it operates at the absolute cutting edge of human performance, but also because in F1, change is the only constant. In this 1-hour workshop, you will learn what it means to be resilient, what you need to build it, and reflect on the resilience of your own team.

Takeaway: Learn how to use stress, pressure and change to your advantage.

Masterclass: Embracing difference

Diversity and inclusion are hot topics, but we have all come to realize it is a huge challenge to create a truly diverse and inclusive culture. In Embracing Differences you will approach D&I from a neuroscientific perspective. You will learn about the role unconscious biases play in decision making, and how they hamper most D&I initiatives. You will walk away with knowledge about which biases there are, awareness of your own biases, and concrete steps you can take to mitigate them.

Takeaway: You’ll learn what it means to be resilient, what you need to build it, and reflect on your own team’s resilience.

Beating Stress, Building Resilience

Stress is turning out to be the biggest threat to society. But is it?  Having too much stress too often is indeed a problem. But even more problematic is a negative stress belief. However, if you learn to recognise stress for what it is, you’ll be able to turn it around to your advantage. This workshop is completely based on scientific insights, includes some fun facts and will also cover some time management tips.

Takeaway: You will know how to recognise stress and its effects and how to translate stress into more productive reactions, both physically and mentally. In addition, you will know how to support your colleagues by creating an environment where people can grow and perform without risk.

Building Trust (in times of change)

Help your people thrive

In times of change people struggle with uncertainty. Which turns small cracks into major breakdowns in your team and for individual employees. Luckily, there is a way to combat uncertainty where giving certainty isn’t an option. Building trust. In this workshop we will explain why trust is so important and break down 8 pillars of trust in the work-environment into actionable steps.

Takeaway: You will understand the importance of trust and know how to build trust within your team. 

Burnout prevention (for managers)

Burnout is hot and that’s not a good thing. Burnout symptoms are not always obvious to the outside world. Nevertheless, many cases of burnouts can actually be prevented. As a manager, you have the biggest impact on your direct colleagues. Knowing what the signals are, how to talk about them and how to transform complaints into strengths is what can help you a lot in your role as manager.

Takeaway: You will know more about the background, process and impact of burnout. You will have relevant tools and insights to talk about workload, negativity and excess stress in your organisation. You will leave this workshop with an approach to let your team flourish.

Email Management

On average, people spend 1/3 of their working time on their email. Learn how to minimize this time. You’ll receive simple techniques on how to limit your incoming emails and you will get insights on how to effectively sort your inbox so that it’s always empty.

Takeaway: You will experience new and more productive ways of structuring your inbox and setting up your calendar to free up your time as well as your mind.

Empower working parents

As a working parent, you give a lot. For a long time now you’ve been doing your best to manage the care and responsibilities for the children and at work as well as possible. But what remains for yourself is not always enough to continue functioning well as a parent and as a professional. Exhaustion and burnout are just around the corner.

Takeaway: After this interactive workshop you know what you need for your own and your family’s resilience and well-being. You will have received inspiration and concrete tips so you can move forward with more satisfaction, new ideas and more energy!

Energy Management

This workshop will introduce you to scientific insights, trends, and exercises regarding your personal energy flow. You will learn more about your energy gainers and energy drainers and how to use them to your advantage. Expect an energising experience with lots of insights about yourself!

Takeaway: You will have started building your own Personal Energy Plan with straightforward takeaways and challenges that you can start implementing right after the workshop.

Focus Mastery

Nowadays, we receive more stimuli in one day than people in the Middle Ages would have received over the course of their whole lives. This workshop breaks focus down into a few models, because focusing is a lot easier when you actually understand how it works. Isn’t it weird that we were always told to concentrate and focus in school, but never learned how to actually do that? In this workshop, you will learn how to practice being focused and how to get into flow (in a productive way).

Takeaway: You will know how to (better) manage your energy and increase your focus. You will have learned practical tips on how to focus, on how to get more done during your day and on how to have more peace of mind and energy in doing so.

Healthy insights for a clear mind

Working in an energetic and focussed doesn’t happen automatically. Especially not when you’re working from home. One of the tools that can help you with this, is nutrition. By regulating your nutrition, you will be able to keep your energy high and to stay focused, without struggling with the well known after-meal breakdowns. During this workshop you will receive relevant tips & tricks about how you can use nutrition in an easy way to increase your energy levels and your focus. We will also look at the connection between your gut and your mind. How can you take care of your gut and, as a result, of your brain?

Takeaway: you will know how you can use nutrition as a tool to increase your focus and energy levels during the day. You will also know more about the connection between your gut and your mind and about how you can use easy and practical tools to stimulate your brain and to feel better in your skin!

Live/ life Balance

Work and private life are blending more and more (right now even faster due to the corona crisis). Finding balance is all about making conscious choices. This workshop will help you to get insights into how you are actually spending your time (and if this is how you want it to be). You will dive into your personal work/ life balance and you are introduced to the live/ life balance. Because: apart from the 40 (or somewhat) hours a week that you work and the hours that you sleep, you have about 72 hours left to spend.

Takeaway: You will know how to regain control over your agenda when it comes to work time and private time. You will have insights into the correlation between stress and your social/ private life and you will walk away with some clear insights into how to regain control over your life.

Mind Fitness

Take some time to relax your mind. This workshop introduces you to a very down to earth approach to mindfulness. By learning insights about how your brain works combined with practical exercises, you will learn how to (better) control your brain and minimize your worries and doubts. In addition, you will take a look at your personal challenging moments, which helps you to face the emotional and/or mental challenges to come.

Takeaway: You will know how to mindfully deal with worries and doubts and to (better) control your brain. This workshop is very interactive and will guide you through several mind fitness exercises.

Masterclass: Mind Master

Mind Master introduces you to the science behind our brains and how to utilise your brain more effectively in order to achieve your goals. In addition, we will work on topics such as resilience, perseverance and proactivity. You’ll also gain a better understanding of neuroplasticity.

Takeaway: You will have scientific insights into how your brain works. You’ll know how to influence and recognise it’s patterns. This will help you get more grip on certain behaviours, feelings and your reactions to emotions.

Personal Leadership

Are you a leader? We believe everyone is a leader; by choice or by default. The question is, how well do you lead? Most people go about their day without conscious intend about how they want to show up for their colleagues, spouse or children. In this training we focus on how to start choosing the life you lead more consciously and the effect that has on the resilience you enjoy while in times of uncertainty and change.

Takeaway: You will take a structured view on how you are showing up for yourself and the people around you and how that affects your ability to lead. For each part of your life where you show up in a reactive manner rather than a conscious chosen one, you will be handed practical tips for change and a process to continue doing so after the workshop.

Productivity powerhacks for a healthier digital lifestyle

These productivity powerhacks consist of a variety of methods and habits designed to save you time and energy every day; practical solutions to minimize digital distraction, so that you can focus on getting the important stuff done. By looking at these practical powerhacks that address challenges like decluttering your digital life, managing priorities within the vast streams of requests, focusing on tasks at hand and reflecting on intentions vs. achievements you will be able to tweak your personal work style for better results.

Takeaway: You will know how to declutter your digital life, manage priorities, focus on tasks and reflect on intentions.

Science of Sleep

Sleep is one of your most important assets when it comes to your well-being. You can eat healthy and exercise frequently, but if you don’t sleep well you will not reach your full health potential. In this workshop, you will learn about what sleep is, why you sleep and why it is so important. Together, we will dive into the things that keep you awake and how that affects you; both now and in the long run. This science based workshop lets you experience the rhythm of sleep by using drums.

Takeaway: You will understand the science behind sleep, the different sleep rhythms in combination with brainwaves and how to optimise your sleep. After this workshop, you will know what to do to benefit the most from your nights rest.

Setting Priorities

Most of us make great plans and have amazing ideas, but we often fail to see them through. In this session, we will share proven ways to stick to your priorities and help you to become more successful in finishing what you started. We will introduce you to various models in relation to planning and priority-setting and will fill them out together. In addition, you will be handed practical tips and tricks.

Takeaway: You will know how to stick to your priorities more easily, how to say ”no” and how to create (and stick to) a personal plan.

Successful Remote Working

Working from home has been the new norm for quite a while now. But how do you work remote while keeping your performance high? And how do you combine this with managing a team that is also working remotely? This requires true connection. This online training provides you with concrete tools (combining theory with practicing relevant skills) to truly connect with your team in a virtual world. To know what is really going on in order to boost engagement and to enhance team performance.

Takeaway: You will know how to bring in and share real feelings and emotions to connect to your team. You are better able to listen and you will experience more trust within your team.

Time Management

When you ask someone how they are doing, they often state that they are busy. They feel like they have to do a lot but can’t finish their tasks which increases the experience of work pressure. In this workshop, the focus will be on achieving results instead of finishing activities. Also, you will experience the difference between being proactive and being reactive.

Takeaway: This workshop will help you to define why you feel busy and will teach you how to actually create more peace of mind. Even if you have a lot of tasks piling up.

Masterclass: Vitality

In this three-hour in-depth training you will consciously work on your vitality. You learn to gain insight into how vital you are at this moment. Which parts of your mental and physical health can you influence to stay balanced? How do you use your energy optimally and how do you perform at your best? And how do you keep an eye on your colleagues to stay vital as well? By combining theory and practical exercises, you will immediately learn to improve your own vitality.

Takeaway: After this training you are aware of your own potential in the field of vitality. You know which different variables there are, what the effect is and how to use this knowledge.

Masterclass: Vital Leadership

This three-hour in-depth training is the sequel to ‘Vital Living’ and is especially intended for managers. You learn how you can lead your team in a vital way. How do you activate your team to work on vitality, how do you identify opportunities for improvement and what interventions are possible?

Takeaway: You know how to help yourself and your team in a vital way. You have concrete tools to make vitality a topic of discussion and to integrate its importance within the team.


We breathe all day. But are we actually doing it the right way? Many people breathe inefficiently, which influences health, general well-being and productivity. This highly interactive workshop will teach you some background about the science of breathing and allows you to practice so that you can experience the benefits yourself!

Takeaway: You will know how to use your breath as a tool for relaxation, firing yourself up for certain tasks and supporting your general well-being. You will benefit from this for the rest of your life.

Coming soon

Hacking Happiness

This workshop will give you insights into how you are always longing for more. Meanwhile, this longing for more is actually pushing real happiness further away. We will together dive into scientific research about how to achieve real happiness by adopting the right mindset. And even more importantly: how to actually have this mindset.

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