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The Recharge programs are there to help you focus on what’s important to you. The important things are what give you energy. More focus, direction and energy – these all benefit your well-being.

The energetic add-on for the workplace

…to make you even happier!

Live a healthier life

Exercise more, relax more and improve your diet – all in a simple manner.

Shine in the workplace

Decide what’s important to you and learn to apply more focus to work faster and make the process easier.

Experience ultimate happiness!

More focus on what makes you happy, that’s what generates energy. If you convert that energy into goals, you’ll achieve a flow. Both at home and at work.

Feel fitter

Improve sleep quality, sleep longer and wake up with more energy.

Top shape

Committing to a healthy diet and paying more attention to your body.

More productive

By improving the balance between work and home.


Thanks to a higher productivity and a fitter, more energized body.

Now even healthier, thanks to the Recharge

These amazing organizations have already tried it.

More sleep during the program
Permanent weightloss thanks to new insights into nutrition
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“Thanks to the program I now know how to live a healthier life and how to get more focus and energy in return. It brings you back down to earth and is a perfect add-on for the workplace.”

Henri GentisIndustry Leader, Google

“Once I realized I wouldn’t have to quit smoking during the #Recharge, I accepted the challenge…and now I’ve quit smoking anyway. Insanely good program.”

Martijn Nijhuis CEO, Roamler

“He goes beyond explaining the pitfalls of a rushed life, work pressure and stress, he also provides practical and clear solutions to help you achieve balance in your life”

Maaike HoomanJournalist voor o.a. BNR en RTL

#Recharge truly helped improve our performance. I wish I’d known about the program sooner.”

Maxim SpekCEO, Prospek
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