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Our online store / webshop processes privacy-sensitive data, i.e. personal data. The Recharge Company considers careful handling of personal data of the utmost importance. In any case, personal data is meticulously processed and secured / protected.

We adhere to the stipulations of the privacy regulation when processing data. This means, among others, that:

  • we clearly specify for which purposes data is processed. This is achieved by means of this Privacy Policy / Statement;
  • we limit our collection of personal data to only the personal data necessary for legitimate purposes;
  • we will first / immediately ask you for your explicit consent to process your personal data whenever your consent is required;
  • we will take the appropriate security measures to protect your personal data, and demand the same level of security measures from third parties commissioned by us to process personal data;
  • we respect your right to request access to, and modification and erasure of your personal data.


The Recharge Company is the controller for the data processing. This Privacy Policy / Statement clarifies which personal data we collect and process, and for what purpose. We recommend you read this carefully.


This Privacy Policy / Statement was last updated on 01-01-2018 00:00:00.


Use of personal data

We receive / collect certain data from you when you use our online store / webshop. This may include personal data. We store and process only the personal data directly provided by you, as part of the service requested by you, or of which it was clear at registration that they would be provided to us.


We use the following data for the purposes mentioned in this Privacy Policy / Statement:


  • Name and address
  • Telephone number
  • Billing address
  • Email address
  • Gender
  • Birthdate




You need to register for certain parts of our online store / webshop. Upon registration we will save the personal data you have provided via your chosen username. We store / keep this data so you don’t have to enter these details each time and so we can contact you within the context of the execution of the agreement. We will not share any data linked to your username with third parties unless this is necessary within the context of the execution of your agreement with us, or if we are legally obliged to do so. In case of suspicion of fraud or abuse of our online store / webshop, we have the right to share personal data with the competent authorities.


Portal access

Our portal provides access to a management environment where you can configure, fill out and change any details.


Order process

We use your personal details to process any order you place with us. We may share your personal data with third parties if this is necessary for good processing. Please read the rest of this Privacy Policy / Statement carefully for more information.


(Take out a) Subscription

You can order a paid subscription via We will then request the details necessary for payment. These will not be used for other purposes.



We can, in addition to the information provided on our website, keep you informed about our newest products and services:

  • via email
  • via social media


Contact form and newsletter

Our online store / webshop has a contact form for you to use if you have any questions. You will be asked to provide certain data to ensure good handling of your inquiry / request, however, you may choose which details you provide for this. Any data you send us will be stored as long as needed for us to fully answer and process the contact form or your email.


We offer a newsletter which informs interested parties about our products and / or services. Each newsletter contains a link you can use to unsubscribe. Your email address is automatically added to the list of subscribers.



We do not publish you customer data.


Provision to third parties

We may share your data with our partners. These partners are involved in the execution of the agreement.


Administrators of social media services collect your personal data through social media buttons included in our online store / webshop.


** Cookies **

Our online store / webshop uses cookies. Cookies are also enabled via commissioned/authorized third parties. When you visit our online store / webshop for the first time you will see an announcement explaining why we use cookies. Continuing to use our online store / webshop is an indication for us that you consent with the use of cookies.


You are free to disable cookies via your browser. Bear in mind, this affects the efficacy of our website.


We have agreements with the third parties who place cookies with us about the use of cookies and applications. However, we don’t have full control over the actions of these parties once they read out the cookies. For more information about these applications and how they handle cookies please read their Privacy Policies (Be aware: they can be changed regularly).


Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to track how our visitors use / visitor behaviour in the online store / webshop. We have signed a data processing agreement with Google to define the handling of our data. In addition, Google does not have permission to use the collected Analytics for other Google services and, finally, we anonymize the IP addresses.



We ensure that your personal data is adequately secured in order to protect it against unauthorized use and unauthorized access.

Data retention period

The aforementioned personal data is stored / retained for as long as necessary in order to process your orders, which includes a warranty period. Afterwards, we store the data for an additional year for the outlined statistic purposes. The data is then erased unless there is a legal obligation to store these for a longer period of time (such as the 7-year fiscal retention obligation for payment data).

Third-party websites

This Privacy Policy / Statement does not apply to third-party websites connected to our online store / webshop through weblinks. We cannot guarantee the reliable or safe handling of your personal data by third parties. We recommend you read the privacy policies of these websites beforehand / before using their services.

Amendments to this Privacy Policy / Statement

We reserve the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy / Statement. It is recommended that you consult this Privacy Policy / Statement on a regular basis in order to stay up to date.

Data access and modification

For questions about our Privacy Policy / Statement, or access and modification (or erasure) of your personal data, please use the contact details below.

You can also send us a request for access to, and modification or erasure of your personal data. You can also submit a request for a data export of the data we use with your consent, or supply motivation if you would like to limit our processing of your personal data.

To prevent misuse / safeguard against abuse we will then ask you for adequate identification. If it concerns access to personal data that is linked to a cookie, please submit a copy of said cookie with your request. You can find these in the settings of your browser. In case the information is incorrect you can ask us to modify or delete the data.

Dutch DPA

Naturally, we would be happy to help you if you have any complaints about the processing of your personal data. According to the privacy regulations you are also entitled to lodge a formal complaint with the Dutch DPA (Dutch Data Protection Agency) regarding the processing of personal data. Please contact the Dutch DPA if this is the case for you.

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