Protect the earth with #Recharge

By 2 March 2021 March 22nd, 2021 Media

One of the things we always like to emphasize in the #Recharge program and the workshops we provide is the importance of your surroundings. First of all because the people around you have a big impact on whether or not you are going to maintain your new healthy habits and routines. Secondly because focusing on your environment can have a serious impact on your own happiness. 

This also appears from research that has shown that people are happier if they spend money on other people than on themselves. The reason for this: if you do something good for someone else, an area in your brian is stimulated that is connected with your brain’s reward center.

So yes, focussing on your environment and others around you is good for you and makes you happy. We are therefore delighted to inform you that we have partnered up with EarthToday to take this concept to a whole new level.

The Recharge Company helpt jou met het vervangen van gewoontes door energieke routines om jouw persoonlijke doelen te behalen. #Recharge your life!

For-purpose venture EarthToday is a global initiative on a mission to accelerate nature protection and contribute towards the global goal to protect 50% of our planet by 2050. They do this by increasing funds for nature protection and by creating awareness about the state of the planet and the sustainable development goals of the United Nations through their platform.

As of today, for every member that finishes a #Recharge week, we will protect a m2 of nature on their behalf! Participants can then register this protected m2 in their name to find out where in the world it is located and how it’s being protected. How’s that for doing something for the environment!

In this way, together with EarthToday and its other partners, we accelerate the protection of the earth m2 by m2. And we contribute to the creation of awareness by sharing interesting content in relation to Sustainable Development Goal nr. 3: good health and wellbeing on our page.

Check out EarthToday and our page for more information and interesting content!