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in just five days!

Discover what you and your team are capable of.
Mixed into your work week

The program is adjusted to your situation.

Our program increases the satisfaction of the work/life balance by 24%. Just how much you focus on the Recharge, is up to you!

Personal dashboard

Instant results.

We will guide you every single day, providing assistance wherever you might need it. Delicious recipes, simple exercises and tips to help you relax faster. Everyone will most definitely benefit.

Based on validated research


thanks to new nutritional knowledge

7 hours

Extra sleep for our ‘Rechargers’.


more satisfied with the work/life balance thanks to an improved focus.


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Vitality program

Our Recharge program will be tailored to your situation, for teams both big and small.


In addition to the program, The Recharge Company also offers a variety of workshops and seminars.


In case you’d like to take it a step further, we also offer individual and group coaching.


Temporarily not available

  • #Recharge 
  • 5 days online program
  • Valid for 3 months
  • Includes: dashboard, recipes, starter guide, videos and audio
  • Several points of measurement and overview of results
  • (e)book Recharge
  • Online coaching
  • Exercises for further learning



Per Person
    • Recharge
    • 5-day online program
    • 3-month subscription
    • Includes: dashboard, recipes, starter guide, videos and audio.
    • Several points of measurement and overview of results.
    • (e)book Recharge
    •  Online coaching
    • Working together to create a more energetic team


In consultation

Per year
  • Customized Recharge
  • Improved company culture
  • Inspirational workshops
  • Increase productivity
  • Ready-to-use communication packages/li>
  • Ongoing coaching and support
  • A better handle on work pressure and employee well-being
  • A follow-up phase to keep you proactive and vital, even after the Recharge
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