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By 25 March 2020 March 22nd, 2021 Article
Do something for someone

Over the past few weeks, many beautiful initiatives have been launched to support elderly, those in need and entrepreneurs. We have collected them in an overview, so that you can easily find out in which ways you can contribute. 


First of all, you can contribute by reaching out to people who have a great need for contact. Luckily, there are several initiatives for this!

CLUB HUG | Write a letter to an elderly and let it be delivered by Clubhug. The recipient of your letter will reach out to you, after which you will be connected as buddies.

Coromapost | Maybe it feels nice to start with people in your own environment:  send an online photo to your grandparents to let them know that you are thinking about them.

Corona Quarantaine Contact | After completing the form, you will be brought into contact with someone who would really appreciate calls from you.

Creating for elderly | A nice way to get the kids involved!  Send a homemade card, craftwork or drawing to one of Korian’s care locations.

Koetjes & Kalfjes | This initiative is specifically aimed at students. Through this platform, you will be linked to an elderly to stay in contact with.

Oranje Fonds postcards | Is contact by telephone not really your thing? Send a card to someone who can use it. NOTE: sending cards is not entirely without risk.

Quarantaine Chat | Would you rather chat occasionally, with someone who maybe even lives abroad? Through this platform, you will occasionally receive calls but you decide whether you want to answer and chat! No strings attached, also nice if you only do it once.


Is contacting others not really your thing? You can of course contribute in other ways. For example, by donating something.

Help digitaal | Do you have a (simple) tablet with SIM card and WhatsApp software that you do not use? Then donate it to helpdigitaal so that people in nursing homes can make video calls to their loved ones.

Doneer bloed | Another form of donating, but just as important. Donate blood to maintain the blood supply.

Donate a meal | In stead of dining out at a restaurant, you can also donate. Help your favourite restaurant to get through this rough time.

Red je boeketje | For only €15 you can donate flowers to an elderly that could very much use it.

Voedselbank | Have you participated in hoarding over the last few weeks? Consider donating some of your supply to the Voedselbank.

Restaurants/ entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are hit hard by the corona crisis. Fortunately, there are many initiatives that respond precisely to this. For example, you can buy gift cards to help entrepreneurs get some income. Check out the following initiatives for your favourite shop / restaurant / salon:

In addition to buying gift cards, you can also contribute by choosing to spend your money at companies that are (still) selling or delivering. Check out the following initiatives:


Are you more the hands-on kind of person? There are enough initiatives that allow you to actively do something for someone else. Think of doing groceries, baby sitting, caregiving, providing lifts or walking dogs. Check out these initiatives to find out what is needed in your neighbourhood:

In everything you do, it is of course important to follow the RIVM guidelines. Fortunately, all of the above is also possible while staying 1.5 meters apart!

Do you know an initiative that is not yet on this list? Leave us a comment below this blog and we will include it!

Kyra Geerts

Content manager & coach at The Recharge Company

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