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Life is a roller coaster. Even before COVID-19 we’ve faced many challenges like increasing workload, the way we deal with stress and our overall energy levels. Now is more important than ever to learn how to effectively ride the waves of the digitalisation of life, maintain a high level of mental power and still remain purposeful.

Hidde de Vries is founder of The Recharge Company. He has worked with Google for over 5 years where he learned how companies and people deal with vitality and mental health. He is columnist for RTL on wellbeing and personal development and is originator of the #Recharge-program.

During his keynote he’ll address the #Recharge philosophy for living a more energetic life. He takes you along different scientific models which he substantiates by daily situations. He translates macro health care numbers to practical insights and tips that participants can apply right after the session. A down-to-earth approach for increasing your energy, becoming more resilient and more effective in the things you truly care about.

Hidde de Vries

"Due to his incredible amount of positive energy, Hidde easily keeps the audience engaged for over an hour without being distracted or bored. The information he shares is practical and innovative. You literally walk away with new insights and tips & tricks. I appreciated how he integrated our company culture into the content he shared and would love to work with him more structurally on our wellbeing program!"

Willemijn de NooijGlobal HR Director Ice Cream at Unilever

Keynote #Recharge your Life


  • Overview of the worlds population and technical evolution over the last century, as well as society’s biggest challenge of prosperity illnesses.
  • Your Energy Savers. An interactive primer to indicate how your brain works.
  • Building the Recharge model to achieve work flow, consisting of:


How we can change the way we deal with stress, based on findings of University of Stanford.


Based on the Energy Quadrants by Jim Loehr & Tony Schwartz we take a look at how you can prolong your energy throughout the day, as well as helping your colleagues stay active.


Through the Rocketship metaphor participants experience how they can increase their focus, prevent loss of concentration and avoid e-fillers.

Your Environment

Increasing your well being is not something you do alone. How to you excited your colleagues to embark on this journey together.

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