Meet the Recharge Team

Hidde de Vries

Hidde de Vries

Founder The Recharge Company

Hidde de Vries used to own his own media company, and also worked for Google for five years. Thanks to his entrepreneurial vision, and his time at Google, Hidde is well equipped with corporate awareness and a start-up-oriented mindset. With a passion for well-being, vitality and performance management, he was involved in a variety of projects at Google, before turning that passion into the Recharge Company in 2015.


Mind Fitness Expert

Mayke Niestadt is not just an inspirational business woman and the founder of Buck Agency. She’s also the initiator behind the Inner Beauty Retreat, most likely the most effective retreat of our time. Mayke is the embodiment of awareness and positivity. She’s in charge of the Recharge Mind Fitness and also instructs one of the Recharge Warm-up series.

Mark Udo

Personal Trainer

Mark Udo is the ultimate expert when it comes to exercise and fitness. He provides daily workshops and personal training in Amsterdam, specializing in bodyweight training such as Core training, High Intensity Interval training and Kickboxing. Everything is focused on building a powerful core, quickly improving your condition and seeing progress come about quicker. The Recharge Warm-up series by Mark will have you back in fighting condition in no time!


Performance Coach

Tim Lamboo has been working as a coach and trainer for years. There aren’t many people like him who have the same amount passion and enthusiasm for the trade. This definitely shows in his programs and training sessions. His specialty lies in team coaching and vita-coaching; functioning as a point of contact for external organizations, or as confidante for the staff.


Personal Trainer

Kristie Mekking has been a personal trainer for years and truly is one of the most able and competent trainers out there. She not only runs through the exercises with you, she also teaches you what you should know about your body and how to listen to it, making you more capable of safely and structurally exercising on your own.
Yvon Kruger

Yvon Kruger

Online Guru

Yvon Kruger is our greatest asset and supporter behind the scenes. She manages the Recharge team and makes sure everyone knows what their tasks are. Our entire platform and all marketing and promotional activities fall under her responsibilities. Establishing the perfect customer experience is her number 1 priority!


Recharge HQ

The Recharge Company
Frederiksstraat 12-1
1054 LC Amsterdam
The Netherlands

+31 85 401 2 444
KvK - 27319781
BTW - NL819477916B01

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