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Meet the team

Hidde de Vries


Hidde de Vries started his own media company a few years ago. After 4 years, he joined Google, where he worked for 5 years. This resulted in a start-up mindset with corporate insights. From his own passion for wellbeing, vitality and performance management, he was involved in different processes within Google, which led to the start of The Recharge Company in 2015.

Sandra Dekker

Commercial Manager

Sandra Dekker is our Commercial Manager. Due to her years of experience in sales, (key) account management and managing a sales team at multinationals such as Heineken and Nestle Nespresso, she is a valuable addition to the Recharge Team. In addition, she can apply her developed knowledge in the field of strategy, business operations and project management to The Recharge Company. Curious what The Recharge Company can mean for your company? Give Sandra a call!

Eline Kemp

Program Manager

Eline Kemp is the brain behind the #Recharge app and monitors the quality of the #Recharge programs. Due to her experience in accountmanagement and her passion for nutrition and exercise, she can easily make the connection between the wishes of our clients and the programs. In addition, Eline supervises all our interns, and is the right hand and sparring partner of founder Hidde.


Timo Lamboo

Head Coach & Trainer

Timo Lamboo is our head coach and trainer. His mission in life is to help people be happier and experience more energy. His passion is well reflected in his trainings and coaching sessions. Thanks to his years of experience and his people skills, he is quickly able to get to the core, making his programs a great added value for the participants. He is also responsible for all trainings offered by The Recharge Company and trains the coaches.

Kyra Geerts

Content Manager & Coach

Kyra Geerts is content manager and coach at The Recharge Company. After a switch from the corporate law world, she obtained her certificate in yoga and meditation and started a coaching training. Within The Recharge Company, her focus is both on making topics such as mind fitness accessible and exploring the scientific research that is the basis for the #Recharge program and the different training programs.

Annick Adriaansz


Annick Adriaansz is an orthomolecular therapist and vitality advisor. Her goal is to help participants of the #Recharge program to take control over their own health. Her advice based on experience and science provides our participants the guidance that benefits them the most.


Mayke Niestadt

Mind Fitness

Mayke Niestadt is not only an inspiring businesswoman and founder of Buck Agency. She is also the initiator of the Inner Beauty Retreat, possibly the most impactful retreat at the moment. Mayke herself is the embodiment of consciousness and positivity. For the Recharge, she also provides several Mind Fitness sessions and one of the Recharge Warming Up series.


Kristie Mekking

Personal Trainer

Kristie Mekking has been a personal trainer for years and is one of the most skilled trainers you could wish for. During the training, she not only takes you through the exercises step by step, but also ensures that you develop the right knowledge of your body and body perception so that you can continue exercising independently in a structural and safe way.


Marc Udo

Personal Trainer

Marc Udo is an absolute expert in the field of movement and fitness. He gives daily workshops and personal training in the Amsterdam region. His specialisation is bodyweight training: Core training, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Kickboxing. Everything focused on a strong foundation and rapid build-up of your condition, so that you can make progress quickly. The Recharge Warming Up series that Marc provides takes you back to the most fit version of yourself in no time!