Rituals – #Recharge

Rituals Recharge

Have a look at the #Recharge experience at Rituals!

Thanks to the positive results after this first #Recharge week at Rituals, the #Recharge is now a returning concept at Rituals!

Irene Vernie (HR Director) about the #Recharge: ‘’At Rituals, we believe that if our employees invest in wellbeing they will feel great, and this impacts their family, their friends, their kids, the people they meet on the streets. We think it will make the whole environment grow.’’

Earth Water – #Recharge

Recharge Earth Water

Reading Hidde de Vries’ book about the #Recharge philosophy gave Henk Witteveen, founder of Earth Water, many insights in relation to living healthy. As a result of this, he lost 12 kg and developed energetic routines in the areas of healthy food, yoga and focus. In this video, you will learn more about his story.

Google – #Recharge

Have a look at the #Recharge experience at Google!

Are you wondering what a 7 day #Recharge week looks like? Think stretch/work-out videos, teambuilding with colleagues, healthy food, new routines and better sleep. In this video you learn more about how the people at Google liked it.

Heineken – Pre-work 0.0 #Recharge

Watch the Pre-work 0.0 #Recharge aftermovie!

On Thursday 15 November 2018, The Recharge Company was invited to the Pre-work 0.0 event from Heineken. A morning filled with live music and positive energy, where Hidde de Vries gave a TEDx worthy talk.

My antidote for stress – TEDx

TED-X Hidde

Hidde de Vries was one of the speakers at the 2016 edition of TEDx DelftSalon. He spoke about the ways in which he effectively deals with work stress. His secret: finding the right balance between energy, focus and happiness. Listen to this inspiring talk if you want to learn more!