Tips & tricks (niet goed)

Make a list of priorities


If you really want something to happen, you need to make it important to yourself. Writing it down works. Write down in the evening before you go to sleep what you think are the most important points – actions, but also good intentions or values – for the next day. Or make writing a list of priorities part of your morning routine.

What is most important to you?

Ideally, you write down in the evening what are the most important points for you the next day. These might be practical actions – reply to an important email, read something – but also may be more value-driven intentions.

List in front of a computer

If you do it in the evening, you clear out your head, which means you can sleep more peacefully. If you are too tired to do it, then do it first thing in the morning, as part of your morning routine. That sets the tone for the day.

Please note: it is not about making a to-do list, but a priority list. What you think it is important to do. Canadian research has shown that people who stop and think about their own personal values every day are happier than people who spend most of their time on whatever life brings their way from day to day.

Don’t make your list of priorities too long, look at it every morning, and stick to it. If you deal with the things you think are most important, every extra action then is a pure bonus.

The ”positive no”

Keep the list short. Only include in it the things that you feel make a difference. It is good to be aware that for everything that you put on your priority list there are a thousand things that are not on there.

Consciously or unconsciously you say no to things that you do not take any further or invest any energy in, which creates space for those things that are important to you. This concept has become known as the ”positive no”. This video explains it further.

Saying no is not negative, it creates space for the things that matter. Or as businessman Warren Buffett said: ”I have only said yes five times in my life, and now I’m a billionaire.”